The shortfall in funding for youth activities and services has contributed directly to the rise in violent crime amongst young people. London recorded the highest rate of 169 offences involving a knife per 100,000 population in 2018/19, another increase from 2017/18. Safe Streets UK is a grassroots community response to this

We are the local community, and it is up to us to act now! Together with your help, we will provide safe and fun activities across London.

The Safe Streets UK project is a collaboration between charities, entertainers, organisations and the public to raise funds to provide vital funding to grassroots orgainsations who provide summer activities to keep our children safe, with an ongoing campaign to help stop young people seeing knives as an option

There are already grassroots organisataion across the capital who do amazing work, but often the are unrecognised and critically underfunded. These are the organisations this crowdfunder has been set up to support directly.

Corey Johnson Speaks on Knife Crime @SkyNews